Madder on Silk: Luxury Eco Printed Silk Scarf

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Nature's Embrace: Eco-Printed Silk Scarf with Woodland Whispers

This silk scarf isn't just an accessory, it's a captivating glimpse into the heart of the forest. Imagine the softest silk,adorned with the delicate etchings of leaves and ferns, all dyed from nature's vibrant palette. Unlike mass-produced scarves, each eco-printed creation is a unique story waiting to unfold.

Forget synthetic dyes and harsh chemicals. Here, nature's artistry takes center stage. The reds from the root of the madder plant blended with the pink produced by the avocado stone, enhanced with the strength of natural iron, evokes the woodland realm. Every fold reveals a captivating surprise, a testament to the collaboration between nature's wonders and the dyer's touch.  Wonder at the natural greens given up from the folliage offering both colour and the delicate detail of their leaves.

Picture sunlight filtering through a canopy of leaves, a carpet of  moss blanketing the forest floor, or a delicate glow of a setting sun dancing on autumn foliage. The silk itself drapes beautifully, its soft caress a delight against your skin. A hint of shimmer adds a touch of magic, making this scarf a conversation starter wherever you go.

Embrace the sustainable. Elevate a simple outfit, add a touch of the wild to your everyday style, make a statement on a work outfit or chase away an evening breeze. This eco-printed silk scarf is more than an accessory, it's a wearable piece of art, a whisper of the woods to carry with you always.

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Madder on Silk: Luxury Eco Printed Silk Scarf
In stock
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Whisper of the Woods: Eco-Printed Silk Scarf with Natural Dyes

This isn't your ordinary scarf. It's a whisper of a woodland walk captured on luxurious silk. Imagine the softest fabric, adorned with the delicate imprints of leaves, ferns, and maybe even a hint of bark, all dyed with the rich colours of nature. Unlike mass-produced scarves, this eco-printed masterpiece is a one-of-a-kind conversation starter that makes an ethical and sustainable statement.

Forget harsh chemicals and artificial dyes. This scarf celebrates the beauty of nature's palette. Created from dyes made from the roots of the madder plant and the stones of avocados, the pink shades are complemented by the green that comes naturally from the leaves, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of a woodland walk. Each fold reveals a new surprise, a testament to the unique artistry of the leaves and the dyer's touch.

Think of sunlight dappling through leaves, a moss-covered forest floor, or the golden glow of autumn foliage. The silk itself drapes effortlessly, its soft touch a delight against your skin. A subtle sheen adds a touch of elegance, making this scarf the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Embrace the sustainable. Dress up a simple outfit, add a touch of nature to a formal suit,  keep you warm on a crisp autumn evening and make a statement that nature matters to you. This eco-printed silk scarf is more than an accessory, it's a wearable piece of art, a whisper of the woods for any season.

Approx size is 170cm x 45cm.  Hand wash only.  Cool iron.


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